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WIAA Initial Violation Report
This form serves as an addendum to WIAA Board Policy 25.0.0 located in the WIAA Handbook.

Authorized personnel on behalf of a member school may report a violation in writing to the WIAA office. Before any school or league action, such a report must first be reviewed by the WIAA Executive Staff. If the reported violation appears to be supported by sufficient credible information, the violating school will be informed of the violation and must report the infraction and any action taken by the school in writing within five (5) school business days to the League President.

This form will authorize an official ruling of the reported violation pursuant to the WIAA Staff feedback.

For WIAA Staff consideration, all information must be complete and accurate.

* = required field

* Name and Title of Individual Reporting the Violation:
* Email Address:
* Phone Number:
* Violating School:
* WIAA District:
* League of Violating School:
Date of Violation:
* Number and Title of WIAA Article Violated:
Describe, in as much detail and clarity as possible, the specific violations you believe have taken place, and by whom. Please include dates, times, names, locations, etc. to explain the circumstances clearly.
Supporting document upload (if applicable):

* Action Taken by the School:
* By checking this box I verify that all information submitted is accurate to the best of my knowledge
* Signature of Individual Filing Report:
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