April 2013

4/29/2013 - Tanner Perry and Kendall Todd Named 2013 Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

4/22/2013 - WIAA Announces 2013 Representative Assembly Passed Amendments

4/18/2013 - LEAP Student Blog - Brett Carter | Franklin Pierce HS

4/15/2013 - WIAA Announces 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

4/11/2013 - WIAA Hires Two Staff Members

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  • WIAA Announces 2013 Representative Assembly Passed Amendments

    RENTON, Wash. – The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association announced the passed amendments for the 2013-14 academic school year, voted on by the Representative Assembly.

    The first two changes made by the Rep. Assembly affect the classification process.  The first amendment (HS #2: 4.1.0) alters the process to determine classifications to count students in grades 9-11 rather than the previous system, which counted students in grades 10-12.

    The next amendment (HS#4: 4.6.0) allows school districts with alternative high schools with a separate OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) number, or where students are housed away from the high school, to separate the alternative school enrollment count.

    There were two additional passed amendments (HS # 10: 57.1.0; HS #11: 57.6.0) that, both deal with football, and only affect member high schools. Beginning in 2013, a minimum of three practices will be required for summer football before full pads and full contact may take place.  In addition, a maximum of ten practices with full pads and full contact will be allowed.  The second amendment causes 1B football games that reach a 40-point differential to switch to a running clock at any point in the contest.  The previous rule would only go into effect in the second half.

    Two high school/middle school amendments also passed.  The first (ML/HS #12: 60.6.1) allows the combination of NFHS and FIFA rules to be applied for soccer games.  This change should increase the number of available officials for the member schools.

    The other amendment (ML/HS #8: 28.3.0) allows schools to appeal a penalty for the use of an ineligible participant in a team sport.  A school may now appeal a ruling of forfeiture that is based on the contribution of an ineligible participant toward victory in a team sport.

    The passed amendments will be implemented the first day of fall turnout, except for the summer football amendment, which goes into effect May 26.

    Each school has the option to propose an amendment, as long as written support from four additional schools is received.  The amendments get discussed at the Winter Coalition in March, while voting on the amendments takes place online.

    The Representative Assembly is comprised of a total of 53 (35 high school; 18 middle school) member school administrators from each of the nine districts.  To pass an amendment, each amendment needs 60 percent majority approval from the Representative Assembly.

    To review the full texts of these amendments, CLICK HERE.

    The following is a complete list of amendments that were passed:

    • HS #2: 4.1.0 – Classification determined by students in grades 9-11
    • HS#4:  4.6.0 – Classification for alternative schools with a separate OSPI number or where students are housed away from the high school
    • ML/HS #8: 28.3.0 – Appeal of penalty for use of ineligible participant for a team sport
    • HS # 10: 57.1.0 – Adds minimum practice and coaching limits for summer football
    • HS #11: 57.6.0 – Running clock initiated in 1B football when 40-point differential is reached
    • ML/HS #12:  60.6.1 – A combination of NFHS and FIFA rules will apply for middle level and high school soccer games
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