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Middle Level Sportsmanship Content


Middle Level Sportsmanship

A Parent's Commitment to Sportsmanship

•   I will cheer positively for both teams.

•   I will not direct negative criticism toward officials, players or coaches.

•   I will respect our opponents, officials, and coaches, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

•   I will accept responsibility for all my actions.

•   I will learn the rules of the game so that I may understand it more.


•   Tell your children you have made the pledge and why. Explain why it is important to be a good sport.

•   Communicate openly with your children about being a good sport. Provide solid information and clear rules to follow.

•   Support officials’ and coaches’ decisions regarding game conduct and encourage appropriate measures in dealing 
     with offenders.

•   Remember that appropriate and consistent discipline indicates love and concern.

•   Be a role model. Set a good example for your children.


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