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Middle Level Sportsmanship Content


Middle Level Sportsmanship

Sporty's Game Rules

Coaches shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.
Coaches shall actively enhance sportsmanship and citizenship.
Coaches shall never place the value of winning above character or true health of player.
Coaches shall give respect and support to officials.
Coaches shall know the rules of the game and make every game a learning experience.

Players shall respect the rights of others and treat them with courtesy.
Players will be responsible for their actions by playing with integrity.
Players will always do their best.
Players will respect the laws of the community and state; they will play fair and follow the rules.

Parents shall take time out of their busy schedule to attend games.
Parents shall cheer and encourage the players in a positive manner.
Parents shall recognize good effort, teamwork and sportsman ship of all involved.
Parents shall be supportive, win or lose.
Parents shall respect the judgment of participants, coaches and officials.


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