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Media Advisory Committee Meeting Summary |  December 17, 2014

Media Members Present: 
Sandy Ringer (Seattle Times), Nathan Joyce (Kitsap Sun), Paul Beattie (Eli Sports), Todd Milles (TNT)

Media Members Present via Teleconference: 
Steven Smith (Grant County Journal), Greg Lee (Spokesman)

Solange Reyner (Seattle Times)
Conor gave an overview of the WIAA partnership with MaxPreps and showed the committee the League Standings website.  Conor discussed the tournament central pages the WIAA has created for State Tournaments.  The group asked if the tournament central pages could be archived and viewed during the current tournament central pages.  Also, asked if the media packets could be displayed on the same page.
Conor shared with the group the WIAA’s efforts in conducting a social media survey at State Cross Country of spectators and participants at the event.  He continued to discuss trends they have seen and briefly touched on the strategic efforts made by the WIAA in regards to posting on social media.
Media Go Around:
Members of the committee gave a review of their fall seasons and a brief preview of the winter.
Fall Information:
Conor asked for feedback from the fall tournaments from the media’s standpoint.  The committee agreed the fall tournaments met the requirements of the media.   Conor asked the committee about the possibility of adding a stanchion at State Football for photographers during the trophy presentation.  The group agreed as long as the photographers have the opportunity to capture the emotional moments it should be fine.  Conor will be creating a policy next year for football and will have the committee review it for the April meeting.  Todd brought up an issue about print media having problems walking across the field after receiving the credential.  Conor agreed this was a problem and was going to work in language to make sure this problem was resolved.
Review of Policy:
The group discussed the possibility of reviewing the WIAA credential issuing policy.  Conor expressed concerns of the increasing number of requests he has received from non-traditional media outlets wanting to be credentialed.  The group reviewed the WIAA policy on issuing credentials to internet content providers and agreed the criteria set in place meets the needs of requesting outlets being credentialed.
The group discussed the policy that was created for the Marysville Pilchuck semifinal football game.  Conor explained the process the WIAA went through in working with Marysville Pilchuck and their media consultant.  The group encouraged the WIAA to create a separate policy for unique situations certain schools could face.
State Tournament History:
Conor explained he was aware of some glaring issues with the State Tournament History and has informed the developer of the history website of those issues.  The group offered their encouragement of this project, because of their constant use.
Media Checklist:
Paul expressed frustration about lack of information when trying to cover a regular-season event.  He has encouraged the WIAA to create a simple checklist for the schools to have when dealing with the media.  Conor and Paul were going to work on this project together with a timeline to get out to the tournament managers prior to Regional Basketball, per the request of the committee.
Information Requests:
Solange requested the WIAA assists in securing names of each league’s sport specific commissioner.  This would allow the media to reach out to the commissioner for various reasons including schedules, all-league teams, etc.
Conor was going to review with the WIAA staff the possibility of collecting this information through online forms filled out by District Directors.
Future Meetings:
The next meeting is scheduled for April 2015.

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