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January 2022

1/26/2022 - Modifications To Winter State Championship Events

1/25/2022 - Statement on Discriminatory Behavior

1/18/2022 - "Comeback Kids" by Ezekiel Akinbade, Prosser HS

1/12/2022 - 2022 Girls State Bowling Schedule Changes

Statement on Discriminatory Behavior

The WIAA has worked with member schools in regard to a number of incidents this academic year involving racists taunts and actions at athletic contests. These kinds of behaviors have no place in our schools and communities and the WIAA encourages, students, spectators, officials, coaches and administrators to help create safe and fair environments for competition. WIAA Staff will continue to follow up with leadership of the schools and the leagues involved to discuss prevention strategies moving forward as well as ensure that opposing students and fans are treated with respect.

In an effort to face these incidents directly, the WIAA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has developed a Bias Reporting Form which is available on the homepage of WIAA.com for the purpose of reporting discriminatory behavior at an athletic event. Once a submission is completed, WIAA staff will notify the school involved to verify an investigation into the matter has been initiated.

In addition, step-by-step procedures for addressing discriminatory behavior during a contest has been sent to member schools and WOA officials. The detailed document can be found on the WIAA website under the Resources tab and includes the following:

· Discriminatory harassing behavior reported to event management by an official, student or coach

· Discriminatory harassing behavior reported to an official by a student or coach

· Discriminatory harassing behavior heard or seen by an official

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