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MaxPreps and WIAA Partnership Background

While the WIAA’s partnership with MaxPreps has many benefits, the primary goal is to collect and highlight member school information as efficiently as possible.  MaxPreps industry leading platform provides schools with various desktop, tablet, and mobile options to keep their team information accurate.  Once team information is submitted to MaxPreps it will be automatically made available to the WIAA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What WIAA initiatives will MaxPreps data power?
    Regular season schedules, regular season standings, regular season game results, state records, team photos, media publications, and roster information.
  2. What do coaches need to do?
    In order to accurately manage these important WIAA, the WIAA is directing all coaches to update their schedules, rosters, box scores and team photos on MaxPreps throughout the season.
  3. What do athletic directors need to do?
    Athletic directors need to make sure coaches keep their team information updated on MaxPreps.  ADs should direct any new coaches or coaches currently not using MaxPreps to contact MaxPreps at 800-329-7324 x1 or support@maxpreps.com, to sign up today.
  4. Which sports are included?
    Initially the partnership will include: Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, Girls Volleyball
  5. What about other sports?
    All other WIAA sports can still use MaxPrep's free platform to manage their team information, but are not directed by the WIAA to do so.
  6. How do I sign up to gain access to my administrative account on MaxPreps for the first time?
    Coaches or Athletic Directors can follow this link on MaxPreps to become a MaxPreps member and follow the prompts to request their unique access code.  Your one-time access code will identify you as the coach or AD with permission to your team/school account.   You can enter this access code in the “Set up Admin Accounts” section of your member account profile page.
    For more detailed instructions, you can follow the steps HERE or contact MaxPreps at 800-329-7324 x1 or support@maxpreps.com, to request your unique team access code and get started today.
  7. Is MaxPreps compatible with other stat programs?
    In addition to MaxPreps own mobile, tablet, and desktop tools, MaxPreps is compatible with over 40 different stat companies across multiple sports.  Click here to view MaxPreps stat partners.
  8. Does MaxPreps have an app to manage team information?
    MaxPreps launched a new iPhone/iPad app in August of 2014!  The FREE iOS app is available via iTunes and gives coaches users the ability to update schedules, rosters and scores, along with several other convenient team communication tools.

    Download:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/maxpreps/id889070230?mt=8

    An Android app can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxpreps.maxpreps 

  9. Can Athletic Directors control their MaxPreps team pages, if desired?
    Yes!  Athletic directors can control every single team page from their free “School Administration” page on MaxPreps.  While MaxPreps recommends coaches be responsible for their own team information, MaxPreps provides 100% free reporting, communication, and school management tools for athletic directors, as well.
  10. Can coaches allow a team statistician or assistant coach to help manage their team information?
    Yes!  Once the coach has access to their team admin page, they can give other individuals access to their page to help keep their team information accurate.
  11. Who can I contact with additional questions?
    For basic questions, like how to login, update game results, find a school page, etc?  Contact MaxPreps at 800-329-7324 x1 or support@maxpreps.com 
    If you have specific questions relating to MaxPreps partnership with the WIAA?  Contact MaxPreps WIAA representative Jason Hickman at Jason@maxpreps.com or 253-301-9406
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