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Todd Stordahl
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(Retention, Training, and Observation of officials)

How do I submit video to be observed by the WOA?

The process is simple. Any video can be submitted by a representative of the school. Regardless of who actually records the game, as long as a representative of the school submits the video, it is considered an “official” school video.

There are two ways to submit a video to the Washington Officials Association:

  • If your team has an account with Hudl (accounts are team-specific), you can exchange the game video with the Washington Officials Association in the same manner that you would exchange with another school.
  • You can send a DVD to the WOA, 435 Main Ave S, Renton WA 98057

Once submitted, the video will be added to the WOA library and all videos in the library are available to be observed.  For more information on the RTO Program CLICK HERE.

February 6, 2017 Update

WIAA Board and WOA Board RTO Committee

Measurable RTO Goals

1. WOA developed RTO Observation Rubrics are distributed to all associations, all officials, and all WIAA member schools by May of 2016

2. WIAA Executive Board and WOA Executive Board approve the WOA developed RTO Observation Rubrics as the standard for all officials evaluations by August of 2016

3. Objective criteria for officials selection to state tournament assignments developed for all sports, as follows,

a. August of 2016, at least two criteria

b. August of 2017, at least three criteria

c. August of 2018, at least four criteria

4. All officials selected by their association for state tournament assignment will have received at least one RTO Observation using the RTO Rubric prior to their selection, beginning in the 2016-17 school year

5. All officials, assigned to 75% of the varsity contests allowed per school by the WIAA. Any official assigned to the minimum number of varsity contests in a season would qualify and will receive an RTO Observation, as follows:

a. By the end of 2016-17, 50% of all varsity officials qualified above

b. By the end of2017-18, 75% of all varsity officials qualified above

c. By the end of 2018-19, 95% of all varsity officials qualified above

6. Improve the Culture of the Organization through an understanding of how the system works, as follows,

a. 100% Compliance with RTO expectations, by all associations, as follows,

i. To include the following Association Board action:

1. Naming of an association RTO liaison

2. Naming an association Trainer

3. Active participation – as described in these goals

ii. As per the following timeline:

1. August 2017 - Football , Soccer, and Basketball

2. August 2018 - Basketball and Wrestling

3. August 2019 - Volleyball, Baseball, and Fastpitch

b. Implement a WOA designed anonymous survey of all officials, to be administered by local associations, and feedback provided to the WOA and local association board, on the following timeline,

i. August 2017, development of survey by WOA board

ii. September 2017, begin implementation for soccer, football, basketball

iii. August 2018, all officials surveyed, results tabulated by WOA, and shared back to local associations

7. Improved communication between schools, as follows,

a. For 2016-17, invitation to the local association from League athletic administrator commissioners to attend either a pre-season or post-season, league , sport specific, coaches meetings

b. For 2016-17, local association reps attend either a pre-season or post-season, league , sport specific, coaches meeting

c. For 2016-17, local association reps attend an annual meeting with the district director, and/or representative from the local district board, as called by the local district director

d. For 2016-17, School Leagues develop behavioral expectations for coaches, players, adult fans and student fans, regarding treatment of officials, and share with all constituent groups via parent meetings, coaches meetings, athlete meetings, and include in written form in game programs, and verbally in PA announcements

e. For 2016-17, Official’s survey instrument is developed by the RTO committee to allow officials to provide post contest input on game management, coach’s behavior, and school /team compliance with NFHS rules.

f. For 2017-18, survey in “e” above is implemented in all member schools.

g. For 2017-18, local associations will reach out to local youth sport leagues (little league, YMCA, Boys and Girls clubs, Recreation departments, etc.) to provide training for youth officials in exchange for youth official contact lists

June 18, 2015 Update

WIAA and WOA Agreement Fee Negotiations

Over the last three months the WIAA Board members and the WOA Board members have been in negotiations over five different elements regarding official’s fee structure. During the June 7-8 WIAA Executive Board meeting the Board agreed to the third element of financial negotiations with the WOA. That element is the RTO program. The agreement stipulates that the $160,000 that has been supplied by the WIAA member schools during the 2014-15 school year will be rolled into a $2 per varsity official, assignment fee. (Schools will no longer be billed directly from the WIAA office for the RTO program). 

An additional part of the RTO agreement requires that a steering committee will develop goals, procedures, and a monitoring process during this next phase of the RTO program. The steering committee will be comprised of four representatives from each group. 

The other four elements upon which the parties have agreed are as follows: 

  1. The 13 % administrative fee will be rolled into the game fee so there will not be a separate fee charged to the schools in the future. 
  2. Varsity game fees will be increased by $2 per official, per assignment. All sub varsity game fees will be increased by $1 per official, per assignment. 
  3. There will be no increase in the middle school fees.
  4. There will be no fee increase for the 2016-17 school year.

The WIAA Board members felt it was important to increase game fees to the working official, due to the fact that those fees have not been increased for quite some time and officials have been told they would receive consistent game fee increases. The rollover of the 13% administrative fee into the game fee now requires local associations to determine the amount to be utilized for assignment fees and association administrative fees. Therefore, in the future, game fees will no longer be multiplied by 13 percent. The WOA state office will bill each local officials group $2 per varsity assignment to secure the financing for the RTO program. That will secure approximately $120,000 for that program.

The WIAA Executive board also believes that the RTO program is essential to improving the quality of officiating and increasing the number of officials. The value of this final agreement is that it secures a game fee increase for officials and caps the administrative fee that has been a part of the agreement in the past, at its current amount. The continuing of the RTO program with the guidance of the steering committee will improve the level of officiating and increase accountability of the RTO program.

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