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Position: Wrestling Head Coach - High School
Location Why Not You Academy (Des Moines, WA)
WNYA is in the early stages of developing an athletic program, which will be launched during the 2022-23 school year. Wrestling (boys and girls) will compete at the WIAA 1A level, as an independent. We are looking for a candidate who is hungry, excited, passionate, connects well with youth, and is eager to build the program, in collaboration with the CEO/Co-Principal.

The wrestling season during the 2022-23 school year starts on November 18, 2022 and runs through February
18th, 2023.


Year around

Develop goals for development of the program.
Provide the athletic director/CEO with direction and be accountable for the total program. This includes budget items and personnel.
Develop a working relationship with support groups.
Be a positive and visible member of our community.
Communicate with other Head Coaches regarding program development and the sharing of athletes.
Work to maintain a positive relationship with your players during the off-season.
Represent the high school in the very best possible manner at all times by exhibiting sportsmanship, fair play, integrity and honesty.
Implement advanced strategies, make game adjustments, motivate student athletes and model sportsmanship and fair play.
Pre- Season

Arrange to attend annual rules clinic.
Have schedules, team rules, copies of the Athletic Code of Conduct and clearance/consent forms available at a pre-season parents meeting.
Inventory all equipment.
Communicate with the Athletic Director/CEO equipment needs for the program in advance of the season.
Conduct meetings prior to the season to discuss with high school assistants coaching assignments, practice responsibilities and scouting responsibilities.
Assist athletes to become better students by helping the Athletic Director/CEO monitor student academic performance.
Make sure the entire staff has a current First Aid card.
Conduct meetings with the various program coaches for the purpose of building a working relationship.
Designate times during the summer when athletes will have available to them the weight room as well as a qualified instructor to motivate them in completion of the designed summer workout.
Schedule one meeting with all the potential athletes prior to the start of the season.
Work with the Athletic Director/CEO to assure all athletes met participation requirements.
Complete all required WIAA and school trainings
During Season

Organize and schedule daily practice sessions (5-6 days per week) with the concept of developing the athlete's greatest potential.
Establish a fair and consistent means of selecting and evaluating players and team and communicate this to parents and athletes.
Have a thorough knowledge of all players' strength and weakness.
Organize and maximize the skills of your high school assistant coaches.
Delegate responsibility accordingly amongst the high school staff.
Emphasize safety precautions at all times.
Be educated of proper conditioning, training and injury procedures.
Keep accurate reports on injured players and maintain lines of communication with the Athletic
Director/CEO or others in charge of injuries or back-to-play releases.

Teach the fundamentals of the sport.
Assume responsibility for the constant care of equipment and facilities.
Maintain proper supervision of court, locker rooms, weight room and other facilities during the season.
Meet with parents when requested to do so.
Work to promote your program and all athletes through the press remembering the importance of a positive relationship with the media.
Report game results to the press in a timely manner.
Discipline athletes in a consistent manner while providing a means for parents and athletes to discuss concerns with you.
Monitor all student behaviors while transporting student athletes on all off campus games/activities.
Intervene when a problem presents itself.

Be a positive, motivating and enthusiastic member of our coaching staff and present yourself in a professional manner when dealing with parents and students.
Display the highest level of sportsmanship, fair play, integrity and honesty.
Provide means of obtaining and distributing and wearing coaching attire that is professional and suitable for the environment.

Conduct a post-season meeting with players relating to equipment turn in procedures, awards and banquet information.
Conduct individual evaluation sessions with each of your assistant coaches following the season.
Establish a date to meet with the Athletic Director/CEO to discuss budget needs for the up-coming year.
Complete end of the year report, evaluating the program and making recommendations for improvement.
Prepare a record keeping system that keeps on file all practice plans and injury reports.
Assist Athletic Director/CEO with scheduling of next year's opponents.
Set positive and productive goals for the off-season and next year.
Application Procedure/
Contact Information
Apply through the Indeed job posting linked below. For questions contact Scott Canfield at scanfield@wnyacademy.org
Link for More Info https://www.indeed.com/job/wrestling-head-coach-2022-23-school-year-d00894569c8cc171
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