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Steven McKenzie 

Steven McKenzie graduated from Selkirk High School in 1986 but has been a constant figure for the Rangers’ athletic programs. Steven’s spirit and passion for his high school have allowed him to hold reign as Team Manager for nearly every offered sport at Selkirk HS.

He began in 1984 as the Team Manager/Coaches Assistant for the varsity boys and girls basketball teams, a position he has held for 28 years. During his sophomore year in high school he was also the Baseball Team Manager until his graduation. He was the Football Team Manager for his final two years in high school, and in 2007, he joined the fastpitch staff as Team Manager/Coaches Assistant.

Steven has managed the Ranger teams with enthusiasm and a love of students and of the game. His efforts go beyond the court or the field as he meets both the visiting teams and officials upon their arrival, escorts them to the locker room, and ensures that they have everything that they need.

Steven’s passion for athletics extends beyond Selkirk HS and spills over to the community. He has helped out with softball leagues, youth basketball teams and volunteers at various community events in the area through Metalines Chamber of Commerce. An advocate for Special Olympic fundraising, Steven is constantly referred to as the top seller of all raffles.

When not assisting teams, Steven is a proud competitor at the Special Olympics. He has competed in the 50m walk, 100m walk, 200m walk, and softball throw (1979-present), the World Summer Games (1995), and bowling (2005-present), where he has won several medals for top three finishes.

Selkirk High School adopted the Steven McKenzie Spirit Award in 2002. This award recognizes members of the community for their loyalty, support, and dedication to Selkirk programs. Steven received the WIAA Sportsmanship medal at the 2008 2B State Fastpitch Tournament. He also garnered the WSSAAA Commendation Award in 2007.

“No one on this earth has more school, team, personal, and community spirit than Stevie,” Rey Villegas, retired Selkirk teacher and coach, said. “Stevie rarely missed a practice, even when it was freezing cold or pouring down rain. He only missed a game if he had a Special Olympics meet. Life’s challenges have always been seen by Stevie as opportunities rather than obstacles.”

Nancy Lotze, Superintendent of Selkirk Schools described Steven as “a model that we should all strive to emulate.”

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