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Middle Level Information


Middle Level Sportsmanship

Star Student of the Month Award - Criteria

Each month throughout the school year, the WIAA recognizes middle level students from around the state who exhibit the core principles of the middle level sportsmanship program: honor, sportsmanship, courage, respect, and citizenship. These students have helped develop positive team attitudes; and encouraged, cooperated, and collaborated with their peers. Click the link below to login to your MyWIAA account as an athletic director or coach, then click "Give Me 5 Star Student of the Month Nomination" under My Tasks.

All Star School Award - Criteria

The “Give Me 5” Sportsmanship Program builds upon the WIAA’s current efforts to promote and recognize sportsmanship among our teams, schools and communities by awarding middle level schools that meet the award criteria with the distinguished All Star School Award. The All Star School will receive a gold star recognizing the school’s outstanding efforts in promoting sportsmanship in and out of competition.  The program’s criteria helps provide a consistent message of behavior for participants and fans to create a healthy culture at all contests throughout the state.

An online application will be emailed to principals the first week of May and must be submitted by the last Friday in May annually. Qualifying schools will receive the All Star School
gold star to add to their “Give Me 5” Sportsmanship Banner along with an award certificate in August. To qualify for the All Star School and receive the gold star, a school must complete all of the following items during the school year.

1. School must display their “Give Me 5” School Sportsmanship Banner throughout the school year.

Student-athletes and their parents must sign the Sportsmanship Pledge and coaches must address good 
    sportsmanship in an orientation/meeting with players and parents.

School must have zero ejections for the year.

School must include the “Give Me 5” guidelines in the school's sportsmanship policy and post the school’s 
    sportsmanship policy in a prominent location so students, parents, players and fans have a clear understanding of what 
    will be expected and enforced at sporting events.

School must promote and enforce cheering for its teams and not against its opponents. Degrading, demeaning, negative 
    cheers should not be allowed to continue. What you permit, you promote. An assigned supervisor or coach will address 
    issues that arise.

Sportsmanship shall be an agenda item on each league meeting. Topics should include spectator/student behavior at 
    games, enforcing appropriate behavior and supervision at sporting events. A league may ask the WIAA to deny the 
    Sportsmanship Award to a member school if that school has not followed through with sportsmanship issues at its 

7. School must use the “Give Me 5” sportsmanship announcements at home contests whenever an announcer and PA 
    system are available. The sportsmanship announcements are available

8. School must have one or more of its teams participate in a service project to benefit a worthy cause, or host a school 
    assembly that promotes a healthy culture.

9. School must have at least two students participate in a school, league/district or statewide leadership conference.

On the All Star School Award Application, the school must submit its most successful strategy, activity, or “best 
      practice” for promoting sportsmanship, along with one area that needs improvement.


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