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Clyde Pock 

Clyde Pock has served the Okanogan County schools for more than 50 years as an official and assigning secretary.  Clyde also spent 30 years in education as a teacher and principal.  He started his career in education at Newport High School, after playing tennis and junior varsity basketball at Whitworth College.  After a brief stint in the Army, he began teaching at Okanogan High School, where he then served as the principal from 1966 until his retirement in 1981.
Throughout his career as an official, Clyde has officiated football, volleyball, basketball, and softball, including many postseason and state tournament games in all sports.  When asked about his career highlights, Clyde responded, “My most memorable moments and greatest accomplishments are just working with the kids.  Without the kids, I would not be officiating.”
Clyde has been a registered basketball official for 54 years.  Pock once said after a game, “If I ever got a basketball game right, I’d give it up.”  A fan overheard the remark and said, “Well, Clyde, you won’t be quitting tonight.”  He has officiated football for 53 years, as well as softball since the early 1980’s.
Clyde is also the assigning secretary for football and volleyball and is the board secretary and historian for the basketball association.  He has always had an extremely professional approach to officiating and has always been available for young officials to talk about rules, court demeanor, mechanics and anything else.  Clyde has even provided transportation to games for officials who can’t find their own transportation.  “As a football and volleyball assignor, he makes sure the matches are covered the old fashioned way-with pen and paper.  I believe if we had more people like Clyde in the officiating arena, we would all be better for it,” said Cindy C-Wilson, Washington Officials Association (WOA) President. 
Clyde continues to be an inspiration to us all by regularly hunting, fishing, and being a role model, always with a smile on his face.  Clyde was inducted into the WOA Hall of Fame in August 2007.

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