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Peyton Van Pevenage | Davenport High School
 1/5/2015 12:00:00 AM

Author: Peyton Van Pevenage
Grade: Junior
School: Davenport
Mascot: Gorillas
League: Northeast 2B
Classification: 2B

The Gorilla Family

Davenport is a very large metropolis located in Eastern Washington. Okay, let’s be real… Davenport is actually a very small town that is about one mile wide by one mile long with around 1,800 people in the entire town. Despite its size, Davenport is a very unique town. In fact, Davenport is the Lincoln County seat. It is also home to the only traffic light in the entire Lincoln County, a flashing stoplight at the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 28.

The social center of the community is Davenport High School, a very small school with just under 200 students in attendance.  Our mascot is the Gorilla, which is very unique because it is the only school west of Gregory, South Dakota to have the Gorilla as the mascot. Davenport is part of the 2B classification and participates in sports in District 7. Since Davenport only has 200 students, you pretty much know everyone. When you walk down the halls, you can say “Hi” to everyone by their name, and everyone will say “Hi” back and know your name. When people visit our school, they almost always comment on the way our small hallways look. Students are able to leave their lockers open all the time; in fact, I don’t even know of a student who owns a lock for their locker. Davenport’s student body is pretty much a large family; we all respect and trust each other and that is a very unique quality we have.

Davenport students, parents, and community members enjoy Davenport High School athletics. Being in the Bi-County league, which is one of the most dominant 2B leagues in the state, Davenport is always facing tough challenges and rising to the competition. Davenport High School’s staff and students take great pride in our academics, as well as in our athletics. Davenport has made many appearances in state tournaments across the seasons, including all three sports our school participated in during this year’s fall season: Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball. On the academic side of sports, in just the past 5 years, Davenport has been awarded 12 state academic championships for the 2B classification.

During each basketball season, Davenport participates in a spirit week called “Winterfest” during the week leading up to the basketball game with our rival school Reardan High School, which is located about 10 miles away from us. This week consists of dress up days where the percentage of students who dress up are compared between the two schools in a competition. Friday is always “Red and White Day” to show school spirit as our school colors are red and white. If your school wins the dress up days, you earn points, which are then added to points each schools earns from the week-long food drive. Whichever school has the most points at the end of the week is awarded the coveted “Golden Plunger” which is displayed proudly in the halls.   

To wrap it all up, Davenport is a great school with lots of cool, friendly people. I’m proud to be a Davenport Gorilla!

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