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Jade Chamberlin Connell HS | Pennies for Patients
 10/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

Author: Jade Chamberlin    
Grade: Senior
School: Connell
Mascot: Eagles
League: SCAC East 1A
Classification: 1A

Pennies for Patients

Every year, Connell High is a part of the hundreds of schools all over the country that raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Through the fundraiser Pennies for Patients, coins are collected and given to help find a cure for cancer. 

Last spring, Connell High’s ASB took a different approach in attracting student involvement. For every $300.00 raised, the student body was awarded. Little prizes were given, such as going to lunch early, and some awards were to be shown during an assembly at the end of the two weeks, like the principal receiving a pie to his face. One of the prizes was for the two wrestling coaches to hold their own wrestling match. At first, it was a simple suggestion that was laughed upon, but they agreed to do it. It wasn’t until I walked in on them looking at wrestling costumes online and throwing extreme ideas about a wrestling ring at each other that I realized they didn’t want just any ordinary match. They wanted it to be like WWE, the World Wrestling Entertainment that primarily deals with professional wrestling.

The small idea erupted and became the top goal for the fundraiser. Connell High needed to raise $1,500.00 to watch the wrestling match. The leadership class frantically ran around the parking lots at noon as students were returning to campus to collect the spare change they had acquired at lunch. The collection boxes started to fill up to a point where the coins did not all fit. Students brought in their piggy banks filled to the brim of change. Two days before the end of the two week fundraiser, Connell High School officially hit and exceeded $1,500. The match between the wrestling coaches was going to happen.

The ring was assembled in one long night. From bungee cords to a fog machine, the coaches thought of everything possible to make this match look legit. Art students assisted with their face paint and the outfits the wrestling coaches came up with tied everything together. One was Sting and the other was Hulk Hogan. The local news station even came the day of the event to cover the story. The wrestling match consisted of promotional videos, a broken table, and a complete theatrical display the wrestler’s version of a WWE match while bringing awareness to the cause. It blew up on social media and was noticed by the real Hulk Hogan, who retweeted one of the tweets promoting the match.

Connell High School collected $1,604.76 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which was almost double of what was raised in previous years. One small suggestion led to the collection of thousands of coins that have all been contributed to helping find the cure for cancer.


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