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Lexi Mikkelsen Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) HS | Creating Traditions
 2/5/2018 12:00:00 AM


Author: Lexi Mikkelsen    
Grade: Senior
School: Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls)
Mascot: Eagles
League: Northeast 1A
Classification: 1A

Creating Traditions

Most schools have hundreds of students attend the basketball games, themes are extravagant and well planned, and games are played at big venues with tons of spirit, energy, and noise. Lakeside is a smaller 1A school, so we never really got to experience the highly intense school spirit that comes along with a big rivalry game like Groovy Shoes or the Stinky Sneaker, until for this year.

The past couple years Lakeside and our rivals, Freeman, have tried to build up the idea of a spirit rivalry game between our two schools, but the event had not totally taken off until we put some serious effort and work into it this year. Our schools’ ASB officers met and planned our game, The Golden Garment, and included a new venue (EWU Reese Court), a change drive, fun themes, rivalry game t-shirts, halftime games, a staff member free-throw contest, and lip sync performances. Although we had a few parts to work with from previous years, this year’s rivalry game was remastered to make it a fun and memorable experience for both schools and all students!

The day of the Golden Garment arrived and the Lakeside students were decked out head-to-toe in green and gold. We showed our school spirit by wearing the green Golden Garment t-shirts purchased for kids in the student section, making posters and waving pom-poms to support our school and teammates, sporting gold necklaces, sunglasses, and accessories, and bringing the most students that have ever attended a sporting event, almost 170 Lakeside kids plus all of our families, fans and community members! The spirit and energy to bring home the trophy, a pair of Golden Underwear, was overwhelming. Our students went wild cheering on our peers in the halftime games, and the noise level when our principal won the free-throw shootout was deafening! Everyone participated in all of the cheers and chants as we rooted for our basketball teams, and the students and fans went crazy when our lip sync performed during halftime of the boys game! Spirit and pride for our
schools were apparent throughout the game.  Maybe even more importantly, both schools had also collected coins throughout the week to benefit a local teen shelter, Crosswalk. Together, Lakeside and Freeman raised over $2,000 in cash and coin donations.

There were so many great things about the Golden Garment: being in the student section and having a great time with friends, all the pre-event talk about what everyone was wearing and the props we bought and were bringing to the game, and also planning and creating a tradition that will be carried on for many years after we have graduated. Providing an event that our student body was excited to attend and participate in was a huge success for our ASB.  Seeing all of our students dressed up and excited about showing their Eagle pride was something really special. Creating traditions from the ground up is a lot of work and takes a lot of encouraging and selling of the idea to others, but the opportunity to generate pride, spirit, and love for our school made the whole process entirely worth it.


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