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Andrew Liu, Olympia HS: "Making Waves at OHS"

Author: Andrew Liu
Grade: Junior
School: Olympia
Mascot: Bears
League: South Puget Sound
Classification: 4A

Making Waves at OHS

As the familiar fall temperatures arrive and people don heavier clothing, competition percolates through the air. But its origin isn’t academically based. No. Thousands of student-athletes must prepare physically and mentally for their upcoming games and matches. Having cut short their summer for the sake of attending practices, their passion and dedication shine through. In light of the departure of beach days and summer rays, today’s blog will be focusing on water sports.
Facing any conditions, rain or shine, they’re making waves this fall with their speed. Crew-sing their way into our hearts, the Olympia Area Rowing team. The Olympia crew team practices at the Swantown Marina immediately after school until around 6 pm. Their time commitment doesn’t stop there. In fact, crew’s practices over the summer started as early as 6 am! As someone who is definitely not a morning person, this greatly impresses me. Rowers also face the ever-changing mood of the waters. Weather conditions can range from a calm, sunny day, to a storming, windy nightmare; all braved by these rowers. I spoke with a few rowers at our school regarding how rowing fits into their lives. Sai Maramreddy, a current junior, says “[he] made a lot of friends at rowing” and rowing allows him to become “big dog.” Hopefully the waters aren’t too “ruff” for him! Amiel Richter, another junior, says one way he manages his life is cutting down electronics and other distractions. His main motivation in overcoming the grueling blisters is his goal of becoming stronger and improving at rowing. People like Sai and Amiel really do encompass Olympia High School’s values: Pride, Courage, and Tradition. While they both attend OHS, crew allows them to interact with people from around the Olympia area.
Though predominantly composed of underclassmen, the girls swim team more than makes up with their swift swims and high rankings. Totaling 50 members this year, a multitude of swimmers have already achieved District and State cuts. While not the only high school to feature quick swimmers, Olympia High School is unique in its practice location (Evergreen State College). Swimming is a highly demanding sport, requiring hours upon hours in the pool just to maintain a time.
Combined with the daily carpooling students uptake to the nearby Evergreen State College, that’s a 3-hour chunk of time chiseled out of your day. When asked how people manage school, swimming, and social lives, captains Elizabeth Shang and Emma Song cautioned “to not procrastinate and to time-manage wisely.” Shang and Song also mentioned though carpools require great organizational skills to maintain, they greatly allow the team to bond much closer. The swim team is also famous for its loud cheers and team spirit, evident in its members in and out of the community.
Fall now is in full swing, with each passing day a new catalyst for leaf rain (where applicable). We can’t deny it any longer. School really did start. No pinch will bring back the summer air and vibes or the starry nights. We can only hope for the new challenges and opportunities waiting for us.


October 2018

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