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Kelly Chen, Foster HS: "Surviving Homecoming Week: 101"

Author: Kelly Chen
Grade: Junior
School: Foster
Mascot: Bulldogs
League: South Puget Sound
Classification: 2A

Surviving Homecoming Week: 101

This is the ultimate guide on how to come out of homecoming week alive. For those who are like me - balancing school with many extracurricular activities - homecoming can be the greatest time, but also the most stressful. So strap on some school gear and take notes, because this is how you survive homecoming.

Step 1: Participation
In order to survive homecoming, one must do homecoming. Sign up for activities, whether that be helping out your class in their competitions or simply participating in the spirit week days. You’ll learn, adapt, and train to conquer homecoming day by day, activity by activity as long as you try to be school spirited. I always take it upon myself to try to be involved with the class competitions, I would help out in each event: hallway, floats, banners/trash cans, and lipsync.

Step 2: Dress for Combat
You are facing war my friend, whether that be in class competition or against the rival football team. You must be ready for anything. Purchase some of your school’s merch, or better yet find your school colors in your closet. Making spirit gear is also fun as well. Tutus, bandanas, bows, and face paint are an essential for marking your territory. Also  participate in spirit week days! You would be surprised in what you can participate in, just look in your closet or better yet make your own clothes.

Step 3: Fight or Flight
Some schools have their homecoming on different dates, so depending on when homecoming is for you is up to your response to it. To fight is to conquer homecoming head on while balancing everything else in your life. I suggest using homecoming as a fun outlet, dont stress about it! Its homecoming after all. Or flight, you seem to overwhelmed that you don’t have homecoming. My advice is still find time, you don't need to do every activity, try doing something small like dressing up for one of the days or attending the football game. Whatever decision you may choose, remember you will survive.

Step 4: Enjoy it
You only have four homecomings, make each of them one for the books.

Homecoming at Foster:
Before I start off the week, I always attend Twilight which is a cross country invitational. Half race, half rave. A great way to start off the week. Than we dive into competitions, each year we get an overall theme and the classes get sub categories. This year was pixar and our class got UP. We took first in hallway decorations and spirit banners. We placed second in lip sync and floats. Overall we took second place, but we deserved first (don’t tell the seniors that!). As for the week, we start each day with a spirit day. My favorite is Monday for it is culture day and we have an assembly full of cultural dance performances. But Friday is the first day as each class performance their lip syncs - cheerleaders and teachers included - and the football game. At the game, it isn't uncommon to run into alumni or to buy a heart warming cup of noodles. Finally Saturday is showtime, after I run my cross meet I get ready to dance the night away at school. As our alma mater says “Uphold the white and purple” and that is what I will do every year to survive homecoming week.

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