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Kjirstin Hopfer, Ocosta HS: "My Experience Playing High School Baseball"
 10/17/2019 12:00:00 AM

Author:Kjirstin Hopfer

My Experience Playing High School Baseball

Can you imagine being the only female on a varsity boys baseball team? Me neither. But, I survived. Not only did I just “survive”, I experienced something so special and created numerous memories that I will never forget. Ocosta High School, the school I attend, is a 2B school in Westport which holds three hundred students, 7th-12th. As a result of living in a small town, all of the boys I played football with during recess in elementary school were now my teammates on the high school baseball team. Although it is an honor to be the first girl ever to varsity letter for a male sport at my school, there were many hardships and challenges I faced along the way.
My first challenge was joining the team three weeks into the season. This was a challenge as the lineup and positions were already figured out. As soon as I joined the team my coach immediately challenged me by stating that, “if you want a spot, you prove it.” I accepted this challenge knowing I am the smallest on the team but not just that, the only girl. I was ready to compete with the boys and prove that this little girl can do it too!
As the season started, my coach automatically put me into a JV/Varsity swinger spot. I was not content with this as I see myself as a starter on the varsity team. So what did I do? I went into my first game and went 3-4 at the plate and had not one error on defense. As I continued on with my season, consistently proving myself, I had more and more varsity time and experience. Pitchers on other teams often underestimated me, but I took this to my advantage every time they slipped up and pitched me perfect pitches.
As we approached postseason, I was now on the starting roster. Our team had now come together as a whole and in result, made history for our school. As we blew through districts, we approached regionals. Ocosta baseball has only made it to regionals two other times in the history of the program, but not only that, had a regional victory.  When we arrived in Adna, we knew we had to win two regional games in order to make it to the state playoffs. Unfortunately, we came up one game short but still made it the deepest into the tournament any Ocosta baseball team has ever gone. This year I will be on the baseball team again as it has had many positive impacts on my life and I will be ready to compete in the State Tournament.
Despite me being the only girl, my teammates treated me as one of their brothers and not once said anything about gender and capabilities- they believed in me. Coming out of baseball, I went straight into my travel softball season, where I travel all around the nation competing against the best teams in the country. Knowing that I had the power to make an impact on a boys baseball team, I played with the most confidence I have ever played with and had a very successful softball season. Playing for Ocosta baseball also impacted my life by putting me through the experience of working hard to prove yourself.
For the whole season, I felt as if I had three months to prove that this little girl can do it too and in the end, I really did do just that.



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