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Kacy Coyle - White River H.S.
 5/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

Author: Kacy Coyle
Grade: Junior
School: White River HS
Mascot: Hornets
League: South Puget Sound
Classification: 2A

“Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.”

-Chuck Palahniuk

I think everyone could use a little more chaos in their lives, for chaos is what fuels us, what drives us into our passions and allows us to live the life we have imagined for ourselves. However this disarray can sometimes be scary and can lead to unnecessary stress. In small doses and in a more organized fashion, chaos can actually add a lot of much needed variety to your life, as well as instill in you many admirable traits. I see sports as this great contradiction: it adds the pressure and can be chaotic, but in a structured and supportive way. I cannot be the only one who thrives in this circumstance, and I hope that more people can learn the same lessons and gain the same experiences as I have from this.

Keeping ourselves occupied, especially by the things that are not only fun, but good for you, maintains a zealous outlook on life, a flexible frame of mind, and translates well to future endeavors, whatever they may be. I get my prescribed amount by participating on the track and cross country teams as well as the daily addition of ballet training, all of which are large time and effort commitments. For me, having to balance all these things I love has made me a well-rounded and more productive person. Going from school, to track practice, to dance class, and (finally) home makes me balance my time, create priorities, and know when to be serious and buckle down, or let loose and relax. I know that these will become assets to me later in life as I go to work and must separate the workplace from home, set my own agenda, and balance the many pressures of adult life. That is when it works seamlessly; however there are always those few things that do make people afraid of the chaos. Stress can ensue from having too much on your plate and people worry about doing a lack-luster job in one area, compromising for another. There will be disappointment and hard moments, but still you can reap benefits from this, learning life’s lessons and knowing that your team and family will be there to support you and catch you if you fall. This in itself, a supportive back bone, takes the anxiety out of the turmoil.

I would encourage anyone to add an activity or sport to their regimen! Though the risks are there, they offer uncompromised support, which enables you to only gain the rewards. Athletics and activities having been preparing kids for what they will face in life for a long time. So, rather than run from the chaos, choose to embrace it and wonderful things could happen.

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