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Chloe Lium | Bothell High School
 1/12/2015 12:00:00 AM

Author: Chloe Lium   
Grade: Junior
School: Bothell
Mascot: Cougars
League: Kingco 4A
Classification: 4A

One Town, One Team, One Dream

The 2014 football season at Bothell High School was simply magical. It was the final game of the 2013 season in a close loss to Bellarmine Prep; everyone knew what would happen next. Every player on the field, every proud parent, and every student in the crowd knew that Bothell would be the 2014 4A state champs, and not one person doubted it. The talent of the Bothell Cougar football team gave assurance to few, but the togetherness and passion of the players on the team was without a doubt clear. The boys knew that they were not going to feel the way they felt after losing to Bellarmine again. The year of becoming state champs started right then and there.

Bothell football games are standing room only. Friday nights are the festivity of the town. Students, band members, players, parents of players, parents of past players, parents of future players, future players, past players, and even people who have no connection to a player at all. We all enjoy the magic. It wasn’t just the players that knew this distant dream of becoming state champs was achievable, but the whole town, and we would be there along the way.

After each win, the team would run over to the fan crowded fence and lift their helmets. Team captains chanted, “I want to be a Bothell Cougar,” while the overwhelming echo in response of fans, players, and parents filled the stadium. They then chant, “I want to wear that blue and white.” Another echo! “I want to be a Kingco champion.” Again, the crowd repeated. And finally the captains chant, “I can’t wait till Friday night.” We truly couldn’t. We knew it was our season.

Undefeated. The Bothell Cougars enter the Kingco championship undefeated. They had chanted, “I want to be a Kingco champion,” more times than they could remember.  56-0 was the score, and undefeated the Bothell Cougars remained. It was time for the playoffs. It was the first game in the playoffs that the Cougars faced adversity. Starting running back, Sam McPherson, tore his ACL early in the game. It was hard to watch and unbelievably sad to see a talented athlete get injured.  One may think that the dream was lost. How could we win state without our star running back? The answer to that question was- together. Together the Bothell Cougars stayed true to their dream and what they had been working for since elementary school. On to the next one.

It was the day of the state championship game and not one person doubted the outcome. The Cougars, undefeated, became state champions in a game that will remain in our memories for the rest of our lives. Players and parents cried with joy! Students ran down to chant one final time with the champions. We did it. As a town, and a team, all sharing the single dream of becoming state champions, we had finally done it. Bothell Football is and always has been magical, and will remain to be for many years to come. The Cougars were a team of brothers, but as a town, we were truly a family. “I can’t wait till Friday night.”


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