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Prairie HS - Sherry Henry
 11/18/2010 12:00:00 AM

Author: Sherry Henry
Grade: Senior
School: Prairie HS
Mascot: Falcons
League: GSHL
Classification: 3A

Hey everyone! My name's Sherry, and I'm a senior at Prairie High School in Vancouver Washington. A little about me, I have previously participated on our school's dance team, track and field team, and am currently still involved with leadership, drama, choir, Speech and Debate, and student mentoring.  Even though i participate in many activities, I always make time to go and watch our school's sporting events..." you can't hide that Falcon Pride!"  We're a 3A school and part of the Greater Saint Helens League, which is in District IV.  A lot goes on down here. Our league holds 17 2A-4A schools (five 4A, seven 3A, and five 2A) so it always seems like there's something going on.

Prairie HS "Dig Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness GameFirst off, personally at my school, there's been a lot of excitement as our fall sports all had a very successful season.  Our football team had their best season in 12 years, and beat our district rival school, so the season ended on a very good note.  Our boys golf team is sending a couple of players to state, and our boys tennis team ended the season strong with placing some of the players at districts, and letting them advance to the next round in the spring.  Our volleyball team placed 2nd in districts, and unfortunately were just short of state, but they'll be returning a lot of the players so a good season is anticipated for next year :)  Our girls swimming team is combined with another school in our league, but the Prairie swimmers had a great season and most are returning next year, as well as many of our girls cross country runners who placed 7th in state!  Finally, our girls soccer team has had the best season in school history (since 1979), and after a great win are advancing to the semifinals of the state soccer tournament!

The neat thing about my school is that it's not all about athletics; our activities are extremely successful as well.  After a great season sending all members to State, our Speech and Debate team just finished with their first competition of the season, taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with our Lincoln Douglas debaters.  Our Bands and Choirs are working to prepare for a fantastic year, and are also supporting the school's award-winning drama program's musical "Bye Bye Birdie".  Our JROTC's nationally recognized drill team is working hard to prepare for competition season this year, as long with our cheerleaders and dance team who are preparing for their respective competition seasons as well. We also have other teams, like Science Olympiad and Knowledge Bowl, who haven't started practice yet, but after successful seasons previously, we know this year will be a good one!

Like I said, there always seems to be big news in the Greater Saint Helens League.  I believe the reason is because there are so many big schools in such a small place. Also, Vancouver tends to get isolated from other parts of the state of Washington because we're very near Portland, Oregon and far from the other large west side schools in Seattle and Tacoma area, so we really depend on each other for competition.  It's not unusual to have friends from other schools, and go to their games, dances, events, etc. Personally, I have attended sporting events from 4 or 5 other schools, and people don't think anything of it.  So, although rivalries within the league get pretty intense, as soon as a school advances past districts, GSHL schools tend to be united in cheering for the success of any school.  Right now, our community is extremely excited about Prairie and Skyview's girls soccer teams (3A and 4A) because both are advancing to the semifinals.  Many people are also cheering on the Camas Papermakers (3A) because they're about to represent our league in the state football semifinals as well!

We'll see how winter sports go as well, but as for fall sports, well, I may be a little biased, but GSHL is where the excitement is!  If you're ever down here in Vancouver, come to a game and you'll know why.  Good luck, everyone, in your winter sports, and watch out for the Greater Saint Helens League teams up at state, because we'll give you a run for your money!

From: Dennis Gillingham 11/18/2010 2:22 PM

Thank you Sherry for reminding me what i loved about Prairie High School as well as the Greater St. Helen's League. I am a former Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at Prairie. Go Falcons!

From: Travis Drake 11/22/2010 12:36 PM

Thanks Sherry. I couldn't have said it better myself. As the new Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Prairie, I can say we have amazing kids, coaches, teachers, and programs. Go Falcons!

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