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Aberdeen HS - Hunter Larson
 12/14/2010 12:00:00 AM

Author: Hunter Larson
Grade: Junior
School: Aberdeen HS
Mascot: Bobcats
League: Evergreen
Classification: 2A

Hey everybody!  My name is Hunter Larson and I attend Aberdeen High School, home of the Bobcats.  I am involved with sports basically all year.  I play golf in the fall (different season from people in eastern Washington), basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.  Not only do I play sports, but I am also currently involved with Jostens Renaissance which I will explain a little bit later.  I also attend Grays Harbor Community College a couple miles away from our high school.  I take classes both at the high school and the college.

My high school was just rebuilt a couple years ago because the old school that was almost a century old burned down.  The new high school that we have cost $42.8 million!  I think it’s safe to say that we are very lucky to have this new school.

Aside from our new school, our students are very enthusiastic about the new winter sports season!  Our school is part of the Evergreen 2A Conference.  Yes, that means that our football team had to play the current 2A football champs the T-Birds of Tumwater.  Congrats to them! 

There are many opportunities for our sports to be recognized during this season. 
Starting the sports off is our girl’s basketball team.  The Cats team has started off 4-0 (which includes a win over our rivals Hoquiam!) and we are trying to keep the undefeated streak going.  The girls are very young this season, starting two freshmen and only supplying one person with senior experience.  This year, they are coached by Ross.  The girls seem to like him and have told me that he is great at getting them prepared for the teams that they play.  Our crowd support is growing and growing with each game and we need to keep supporting! Go Cats!

The boy’s basketball team is also striving hard to make it to Districts again this year.  They have a great team with six seniors leading the way.  Our school is very supportive of the boys and show up to every game ecstatic and ready to cheer them on!  They will have a quick team this year so we are hoping that they can pull it together and work hard for our blue and gold.  They are all working hard this year and practice almost every day a week for almost three hours.  They all love the game and are excited to play the remaining 17 games left on their schedule.

The wrestling team just finished their first match this season, losing a heartbreaker 37-38.  The team consists of about 20 kids.  They practice hard every day and are getting better each day.  They feel that they have a few kids that will go to state this year and are having a lot of fun training for it.  They also have many new freshmen that are wrestling this year and they are happy to see more people participating.  They are traveling for their next match in Eatonville.  Bring home a win Cats!

Along with basketball games and wrestling matches, our cheerleaders are also doing very well.  They have 15 girls on the winter squad.  They have been cheering at the girls and boys basketball games along with some wrestling matches already this year.  They performed a halftime dance routine at halftime of the boys basketball rivalry game.  They say that their basket tosses are getting higher and higher every day they work at it.  They love cheerleading and showing support for the sports that they cheer for.  The chemistry that they have is undeniable.  They are especially excited about having their yearly Christmas party soon. Thanks for supporting our teams!

Next, is our boys swim team who has done very well in its first two meets.  The swim team this year consists of 31 new and returning swimmers.  In their first two meets, the swimmers have just missed or got state and district times!  This is because of their hard work that they put in by having morning practices before school!  If you are not aware, swimming is one of the most demanding sports so these morning practices aren’t a walk in the park.  They also have two a days during winter break as well.  Way to work hard!  It is hard for some students to attend these swim meets since they are all held in our Hoquiam YMCA pool.  They are looking for even more swimmers to join next year as well.  We wish them the best of luck!

Our school is not only focused on sports, but we have many other activities going on that we are proud of.  Our school has a program called SkillsUSA.  SkillsUSA is students led organization that gives students opportunities to participate in a career based class, learn and take that knowledge, and apply them to better their skills.  SkillsUSA gives students the opportunity to create a path to follow a bright future of success.  Aberdeen is the proud home of both the student president of Washington State and a national president of SkillsUSA. 

Aberdeen High School has an advanced broadcasting program where students in the class are given the opportunity to run an entire radio station.  Their station is called the KAHS.  Every morning, Monday through Friday, they host a 7am morning show live from the studio located in the high school.  We house 4 different engineers and 5 writers, 4 news personalities, and 3 weather reporters.  They broadcast on the radio to all of Grays Harbor County.

With a brand new school came a brand new auditorium.  We have plays, musicals, and concerts throughout the year.  Our school choir is recently hosting a concert inside our beautiful auditorium.  The most recent performance we have had was the Little Shop of Horrors.  It featured around 10 students from our school and was a huge success.  They are now starting to prepare for Cabaret that will be showing soon.  Our school assemblies are held inside this auditorium as well.

Lastly, Aberdeen High School has a student activity called Renaissance.  Renaissance at our school is designed to acknowledge students and teachers for their work in the classroom.  Our school just hosted the Renaissance Conference where students exchange different ideas that help make their school a better environment to learn.  Our Renaissance team consists of around 30 students from sophomores to seniors.  We have assemblies, student and teacher of the month, People’s Choice awards (teachers pick one student they think as made a great step in becoming a better student), and that is only naming a few!
We are all excited to get into winter break and can’t wait to enjoy the holidays, hopefully with some snow.  I hope you all enjoy your break as well.   Happy Holidays!

From: Susan Larson 12/14/2010 11:38 AM

Hunter, great description of Aberdeen High School programs. Aberdeen is very fortunate to have such a great technical school. Keep up the good work and school spirit Aberdeen!

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