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How do I make a team submission? 

To nominate a team for the State Academic Championship and to order certificates log in to

How is the team average GPA calculated?
It is the sum of the GPA's (based on a 4.0 scale) of all varsity members of the team/group, divided by the number of members.  It must include all members of the group, including 9th graders and students who participated in an activity at the varsity level.  


Name - GPA
Gary - 3.490
Mike - 3.254
John - 3.950
Lucy - 3.562
TOTAL: 3.566

Information Submitted:
GPA (rounded to three places) - 3.566 
Number of Participants - 4
Name - GPA
Cody - 3.591
Brian - 3.580
Katie - 3.306
Carly - 3.727 
TOTAL: 3.551

Information Submitted:
GPA (rounded to three places) - 3.551
Number of Participants - 4  
What GPA's do I use to calculate the average? 
GPA's are based upon the grade from the previous marking period that is logged on a student's transcript for credit purposes.  Typically, that means the previous semester or trimester.  Quarter grades are not to be used unless the student receives full credit for a class after completion of a quarter.  Students who do not have a previous grade due to running start, home-schooling, study abroad or incoming as foreign students are not utilized in the calculations 

Fall Sports - Third Friday in October
Bowling & Cheer - Last Friday in January
Winter Sports & all other Activities - Second Friday in February

Spring Sports - Fourth Friday in April

I heard that if we don't meet a minimum number of squad members that we aren't eligible for the State Academic Championship. Is that true? 
YES, a minimum number is required in order for a squad to be eligible for Academic State Champions. The minimums by activity are as follows:
Cross Country - 5
Football - 11
Soccer - 11
Slowpitch Softball - 10
Swimming (Girls) - 4
Volleyball - 6
Tennis - 3
Golf - 5
Band - 15
Bowling - 5
Basketball - 5
Swimming (Boys) - 4
Cheer - 4
Choir - 15
Dance/Drill - 6
Drama - 6
Forensics - 10
Gymnastics - 5
Orchestra - 15
Wrestling (Boys) - 8
Wrestling (Girls) - 7
Baseball - 9
Fast Pitch Softball - 10
Golf - 5
Soccer - 11
Tennis - 3
Track & Field - 5

* Tennis and Golf are awarded in the Spring

Regardless of the minimums, ALL students who participated in an activity at the varsity level must be included in the calculations.  

Music awards must include all students enrolled in all classes offered in the given music subject area (Band, Choir or Orchestra).  Schools may submit applications in one (1) or all three (3) music Categories listed above.

The Freshmen don't have a high school GPA established in mid-October.  Do I just leave them out? 
NO, all members of the team must have their GPA's counted...including Freshmen.  They will need their last GPA score, from eighth grade, to be used in the total.

What is the deadline date for submitting an application?
Applications for Distinguished and Outstanding Team Awards may be received at any time during the school year.  In order to qualify for the Academic State Championships, applications must be received by the seasonal deadline dates.

Why is your winter deadline so early when many schools don't get their semester grades posted by then? 
The deadlines are set to allow time for verification of State Champions in time to be posted in that season's State Tournament Championship programs.  Because the first of the winter programs are in mid-February, the deadline for submission of grades is typically up against many schools' semesters.  

Our first semester grades aren't posted before the February deadline.  Can I just wait until grades are out to submit my application? 
YES, but if you do your team will not be eligible for the Academic State Championship.  If your team wishes to be submitted to compete for that honor, and grades will not be posted in time for the February deadline, then use the grades from the previous marking period (i.e. second semester 2019-20) for winter activities.

If we miss the deadline, can we still receive certificates or insignias?
YES, there is no cut-off date for ordering participant certificates or insignias, or submitting for team certificates.  The deadline only applies to qualifying for the State Academic Championship.

How do I order certificates? 
To qualify a team for the State Academic Championship and to order certificates log in to wiaa.com/mywiaa.

What do our students get for the distinction of high team GPA? 
Schools will receive a certificate indicating the team's accomplishment, at no charge. Insignias for each participating member (for letter jackets, etc.) are available for $1.00 each.  Participant certificates are also available for 50 cents each.  These items may be ordered on the same form as the application, included on the online application.  Also, Athletic Directors at each school have the authority to make orders.

What happens if our team wins the State Academic Championship? 
They will be invited to the State Championship event for their sport and classification, and will be presented with the plaque either before or during intermission of the championship event.

Contact Aaron Roetcisoender at
aaron@wiaa.com or (425) 282-5245.

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