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Sample PA Scripts

Sample Sportsmanship Announcements

"Good Evening. (Name of school) welcomes you to (name of stadium/field/gymnasium) for tonight's game. We remind you that interscholastic events are an extension of the classroom, and that lessons are best learned when the proper respect is accorded to all. Please let your good sportsmanship show during the game. And now let’s meet the starting lineups.”

“Good evening. (Name of school) welcomes you to (name of stadium/field/gymnasium) for tonight’s game. One of the goals of high school athletics is learning lifetime values. Sportsmanship is one of those values that makes these games an educational experience. Remember to sport a winning attitude! Now let’s meet the starting lineups…”

(After lineups are introduced – introduce officials)

“Representing the Washington Officials Association, tonight's officials are (name of official) and (name of official). Their experience and integrity qualify them to administer the rules of the game. An attitude of good sportsmanship should be upheld by all spectators, players and coaches.

(For use during breaks in action)

Rememeber to set an example for those competing in today's event and show respect for all those present for this competition.  (Name of school) reminds you to sport a winning attitude! – on the court/field and in the stands.

Sample Pregame Announcements

This game is being played according to the rules of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. These rules provide for fair competition among players. Spectators can also help promote good sportsmanship by observing the rules of fair play. We ask each of you to take personal responsibility for displaying good sportsmanship.

Sample Announcements for Radio and Television Stations

PSA #1

Sports and activities allow you to show what skills you have, but sportsmanship shows the kind of character you have. Present yourself in a way that is respectful towards others and exemplifies honest character and good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship – it’s how you play the game. A message from (school name) and (station name).

PSA #2

Ethics, integrity and respect are important values in our daily lives. ON the playing field, these values are translated into a display of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is one of the strongest educational lessons and lifetime values taught by school activities. Remember Sportsmanship – it’s how you play the game. A message from (school name) and (station).

PSA #3

The score of any athletic event is generally forgotten over time. But the actions of the players, coaches and spectators are remembered. The next time you attend a high school game, think of how history will remember you. Good sports show you how to play the game. A message from (school name) and (Station name).

PSA #4

What does sportsmanship look like? It can be shown by helping a fallen player up, celebrating inexcessively, not arguing with officials, and shaking hands with opponents before and after a contest. As a participant, you represent not only yourself but your team, school and community.  Do so with fair play. -- Just Play Fair!

Sample News Release

(Name of School) takes part in Just Play Fair! Program.

(Name of school) has joined forces with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association to promote sportsmanship throughout the state through the Just Play Fair! Campaign.

The Just Play Fair! Program is part of a continuing, grass roots effort to stress and reward the positive values of sportsmanship behavior.

“So many times we forget that our coaches and athletes, as well as student body and other spectators, know what is acceptable behavior at high school events.” Said (name of principal). “We are constantly bombarded with so many images of unsportsman-like behavior that it becomes important to emphasize at the interscholastic level the proper respect that should be accorded to one’s opponents during a game and the officials administering that contest.”

The Just Play Fair! Campaign promotes a public effort across the state for positive relations between participants and the community.

“We feel that sportsmanship doesn’t end with students.” (name of principal) said. “It is necessary to have parents and other adult spectators set the tone for our students with their exemplary behavior at events.”

Additional information about the Just Play Fair! Campaign may be obtained by contacting (name of principal) at (telephone number).

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