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Frequently Asked Questions

What coaches are required to meet the WIAA Coaching Standards requirements?

Any sport coach, cheer coach, or dance-drill coach at a WIAA member middle level or high school, whether paid or volunteer.  Activity coaches/advisors, such as music advisors, debate coaches, and drama advisors are not subject to the WIAA Coaching Standards.

Who keeps track of hours for meeting the WIAA Coaching Standards requirements?

The ultimate responsibility falls to the coach to provide documentation for all activities undertaken toward meeting this requirement.  This documentation is provided to the school's designated compliance officer (usually the Athletic/Activities Administrator).

I thought the WIAA office maintained a list of my clock hours.  Aren't those sufficient to meet the standards?

Coaching Standards requirements have changed for the 2017-18 school year. Please view the Coaching Standards homepage to view a list of the requirements.

How can I get a copy of the Clock Hours Transcript maintained by WIAA?

Individual coaches are responsible to maintain record of clock hours earned. In the event you no longer can find your clock hour form please submit the following form: Clock Hour Form Request

I've attended the  WIAA Rules clinics the past several years, but they don't show up on my Clock Hours Transcript.  Why?

After the 1995-96 school year, WIAA Rules Clinics stopped carrying clock hours, because they didn't meet the 3-hour standard.  While these clinics count toward coaches education standard hours, they do not provide clock hours any longer.

How can I find out if a course I'm interested will apply toward the Coaching Standards requirement?

While WIAA establishes the number of hours required to meet compliance, it is up to the individual schools to determine whether or not an activity will be accepted toward that school's Coaching Standards requirement.  The only exception is the ASEP Coaching Principles Course from ASEP.com.

What happens to a coach that doesn't meet WIAA Coaching Standards? 

No specific action is warranted against individual coaches by WIAA; the regulations only apply to overall programs.  Any specific expectations or action will be at the discretion of the individual school in accordance with their personnel policies. 

I live in an area where not many professional development activities exist.  What can I do to pick up hours?

Many coaching clinics with a high number of available hours (typically 15-20) are available every year.  Some of the more popular ones include those held by the All-Sports School, such as the Best in the West Basketball/Baseball/Softball/Track Clinics and the PEMCO All-Sports Clinic, and the WIAA Coaches School.  In addition, WIAA maintains a page of courses approved for clock hours and open for registration.  Also, schools may post a listing of professional development activities open to coaches outside their school.  These are all resources for finding out about activities for coaches.

If I take a course at a college or university that's coaching related, will that count toward the coaching requirement?

Assuming that it is approved by your school, yes.  Each quarter credit hour of study carries 10 coaching hours; each semester hour of study carries 15 coaching hours.

If I take a coaching job at another school, do my coaching hours carry over?

Yes.  Coaching hours are specific to the individual, not the school.  This is another reason why it is important for the coach to maintain a copy of his/her own records, so that documentation will be easy at the new school.

I've been coaching community level for the past five years, and am now coaching in a school.  Am I out of compliance, since I'm past my third year of coaching?

No.  You must meet the requirements prior to the start of your third year of coaching employment at the school, not your third year as a coach.  The clock begins your first day of scholastic coaching.

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