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Recordkeeping of WIAA Clock Hours

Below is a list of facts and recommendations to help make the process easier to maintain.

  1. Obtain documentation for every in-service program attended.

    Verification of attendance should be obtained for each program.  It may be such that you change districts, and your new district will recognize and give credit for an in-service.
  2. Keep the original of any documentation you receive and provide a copy to your school.

    Some schools or districts may require originals - if that is the case, then comply with that request.  Regardless, do not rely solely on your school for maintenance of your records.  It is up to the coach to provide proof.
  3. Treat your WIAA Clock Hour Transcript as you would any official document.

    One of the most common requests received in the WIAA Office is for replacements of the Clock Hour transcript, usually toward the end of the school year.  The WIAA maintains clock hours for seven years. However, the individual coach is help responsible as the official record holder for all clock hours earned
  4. Treat clock hour registration forms as you would any official document.

    When you attend a WIAA approved in-service and purchase clock hours, you will be provided a copy of the registration form.  Maintain this in the same location that you do for your Clock Hour Transcript.  Because the WIAA only maintains records for seven years, it is especially important that the coach maintain a copy of this form for his/her records.
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